Saturday, March 13, 2010

Marmonizer Progress

Here's a little video about my progress building the Marmonizer (a MIDI Harmonizer). I'll post the Arduino sketches soon.

The basic idea is that you plug a MIDI instrument into the MIDI in port, and a synthesizer (or a computer with softsynths) into the output. When you play a note into the Marmonizer, you get different, and probably more, notes out. It's really optimized for a monophonic instrument like the WX-7 wind controller I'm playing in the video (disclaimer: I'm a trombonist by training, so I have no sax chops).

In this video, the WX-7 is plugged into the MIDI in of the Marmonizer, and the Marmonizer's MIDI out is plugged into a MIDI interface that's plugged into my Mac, which is running Logic Express 9. The sounds you hear are a Logic ES-2 synth patch that I modified to respond to breath controller data.

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